Tracklisting (lengths are approximate):

01. Celestial Return – 2:20
02. Infinite Sky – 7:00
03. Eternal Bond – 6:40
04. Deathless One – 6:20
05. Somber Mists – 2:45
06. Raindrifter – 5:50

The time has finally come to unveil the next chapter in Akyrviron’s journey. “Light of the Ages” consists of six tracks, remaining true to the concepts that Akyrviron was founded upon. The style is unmistakable, but contains some additions which were unheard on Journeys From A New Era. Words may only do so much justice to music and all art; and as such, this description remains purposefully brief. The experience shall remain reserved for the listening itself.

A new inner world awaits…

Release Date – January 2013 (TBA)