Conceived during the summer of 2010, the solo project Akyrviron aims to embody themes of power and harmony in equal measure. The energy of melodic metal is moderated by soundscapes of layered synthesizers and orchestra, along with a variety of folk influences. The result is an entirely instrumental act that focuses on texture and atmospherics rather than technicality.



Akyrviron was created in 2010 by Kevin Partier after plans for a full band project never came to fruition due to the inability to find suitable band members.  Melodic metal was and is a nearly unknown kind of music in my local environment, which made it extremely difficult at the time to find individuals with the right attitude and mindset/approach to the music.

Akyrviron (ack-eer-ver-on, although pronunciation doesn’t matter) is an entirely fictional name that came about from my interest in fantasy RPG games.


Musical Philosophy

Instrumental music is already a niche genre in the world as a whole, which means that instrumental power/symphonic metal is a minority of a minority.  Instrumental music is unfortunately often perceived as boring or uninteresting; with a lack of vocal dynamics, “hooks”, and choruses, listener’s attention often wanes quickly.

Akyrviron is not a “reactionary” project meant to prove a point about instrumental music; it’s simply the way that’s most suited for my vision; I’ve always been one to pay attention to the underlying harmony and melody of songs rather than the lyrical content.  Akyrviron is mostly about texture and atmosphere, and in comparison to other symphonic metal, none of the songs are particularly technically complex or composed through the use of high-level academic music theory.



The sound of Akyrviron is a mix between the power/energy of metal instrumentation (distorted guitars, drums) and the atmosphere from synthesized strings, brass, and other textures.  Many of the song and album titles vaguely deal with the ideas I had in mind while composing them.  There is no specific agenda behind the music other than inspiring feelings of equanimity and balance.  Symphonic power metal is perhaps the most suitable musical conduit to express the overarching concepts of power and harmony.