Journeys From A New Era

September 2011

1 – Intro (2:20)
2 – Beyond the Gates (5:47)
3 – Renewal in the Sky (6:21)
4 – Lands of Tranquility (2:09)
5 – The Starlit Path (2:13)
6 – Heathen (7:13)
7 – Fallen Heart (4:03)
8 – Timeless Spirit (6:31)
9 – The Fire of Life (3:20)
10 – The Tides of Existence (5:19)

Released in 2011, Journeys From A New Era is the debut album from Akyrviron.  The song structures are generally more “conventional” and less free-flowing than on later releases, which is due to some songs being written with vocals in mind, but there are also some elements on this album that have not yet reappeared.  Being the debut, this album was a way of determining which direction I wanted to take this project in, hence the mix of styles, unpolished songs, and the somewhat “darker” atmosphere.

Light of the Ages

January 2013

1 – Celestial Return (2:22)
2 – Infinite Sky (7:05)
3 – Eternal Bond (6:42)
4 – Deathless One (6:23)
5 – Somber Mists (2:56)
6 – Raindrifter (6:11)

At just over 30 minutes in length, this is the second shortest Akyrviron album, and as indicated by the album title, marks a shift toward the more positive sound that defines the project today.  Guitars and drums dominate the mix to a greater degree, with the synths being less prominent.

World Beyond (single)

June 2013

1 – World Beyond (8:06)

World Beyond was a “trial run” of new virtual instruments that I had recently obtained.  The song is a reworked version of one that was composed around the same time as Journeys From A New Era.  The track-count (instrument layers, overdubs, etc.) is the highest of any Akyrviron song at about 72; future songs took a less dense approach to the arrangement.

Dreamscape Requiem

November 2014

1 – Endless Horizon (2:47)
2 – Infinity’s Shores (8:25)
3 – Skies of Destiny (7:00)
4 – Immortal Sun (7:25)
5 – Azure Kingdom (6:13)
6 – Diamond Waves (7:26)
7 – Realm Beyond (7:58)
8 – Solace Everlasting (5:30)

Released in 2014, Dreamscape Requiem has the most unique or experimental sound of all the albums, which is both a positive and a negative.  The instrument choice, arrangement, and somewhat lo-fi mixing style is reminiscent of folk metal combined with video game soundtracks.  Dreamscape Requiem broke away from the more conventional song structure of previous releases, which is ultimately something that fits the instrumental nature of the music to a much greater degree. Although I do not regret making this album, there are many things I would have done differently with my current knowledge. Some of the songs may receive re-recordings in the future.

Harmony’s Bastion

November 2016

1 – Utopia’s Beacon (2:24)
2 – Harmony Sanctum (7:26)
3 – Solar Regeneration (7:48)
4 – Sovereign Realm (6:06)
5 – Idyllic Path (6:32)
6 – Serenity’s Sun (7:35)
7 – Creation’s Storm (5:49)
8 – Sapphire Seas (7:35)

Harmony’s Bastion is a refinement of the style portrayed on the previous albums, and can be seen as a combination of all the elements that I felt were most conducive to the vision for this project.  The songwriting style is similar to Dreamscape Requiem, but the atmosphere, instrument choice, and overall arrangement is similar to Light of the Ages with a heavier focus on the keyboards.


January 2019

1 – Wanderer’s Path (3:44)
2 – Ark of Light (7:54)
3 – Ocean of Vigor (7:37)
4 – Starseeker (5:27)

Equanimity distills elements from the origins of Akyrviron and further pushes the sound towards a mystical and spiritual atmosphere. The music within is thus far the closest this project has come to matching my long-term vision and purpose.