EQUANIMITY REGENERATED is out today on Bandcamp! Enjoy these four re-imagined tracks from last year’s EP.

Other outlets have been apparently delayed due to Covid-19 complications and are slow in getting new releases posted. However, the EP will arrive to all standard digital stores soon.

The Equanimity remake will most likely be released sometime in the mid-fall season. The whole process has gone very smoothly so far. Only bass remains to be recorded for the songs, then the mixing process will begin.

It should be mentioned that this is not by any means a replacement for the original Equanimity release made last year. It’s rather a re-imagining of the material done in the style of Verity.

For now, this is the only release that will receive this treatment, due to the aforementioned stylistic similarities between the two EPs. Older albums – or rather, all material prior to 2019 – most likely won’t be undergoing the same process. Recreating something further into the past can be difficult and often has mixed results, since one has to mentally place themselves into the same mindset at the time in order to create something authentic.

After this release, both eyes will be firmly focused on the future, into a new era of atmospheric-zen-symphonic metal.

Three songs are already in various stages of development for the next Akyrviron release. Before then, however, the Equanimity remake will be coming later this year, possibly along with another side-release of sorts if I deem it worth working on.

Otherwise, I hope everyone is staying sane during these trying times.