Next Release = EP

The next Akyrviron release (besides demos, which will still be uploaded occasionally) will likely be an EP instead of a full album.  This is entirely due to the fact that an EP can be completed in a more reasonable amount of time, which means there can be shorter gaps between finished music.  Multiple EPs can also be easily combined into compilations later on.  This is just an easier way for me to make music as a one person project, and it also avoids the “endlessly delayed album” syndrome.

New Song Incoming

Sorry about the two month long silence. The demo of the latest Akyrviron song will be uploaded within a few days. It’s been almost 7 months since the release of Harmony’s Bastion, so I think it’s time for some new music.

Debut Album Remix/Remaster on Hiatus

Some of you are probably wondering what happened to the remixed/remastered debut album (Journeys From A New Era) I mentioned a couple of years ago. Well, after some contemplation and experimentation with re-recording, I’ve decided that it’s better to leave them be for now. Listening to all the albums in order, you can tell how the sound of this project has evolved over the years, and right now I don’t think my mindset is the correct one to do justice to the original songs and avoid turning them into something they aren’t. As for the other albums, Light of the Ages already sounds good enough and isn’t likely to be touched, but as mentioned in a previous post, a remix of Dreamscape Requiem is possible in the future since (in my opinion) the amount of time I spent on experimentation with different sounds and structure caused the overall mix/balance to suffer.

There is the possibility that some segments from the older songs will find their way into new compositions as homages (sort of how one of the main melodies in Utopia’s Beacon was first used in Infinity’s Shores), but beyond that, a fully remixed debut album is on hiatus for the time being.

I hope the first quarter of 2017 has treated you all well. Keep an eye on this page in the next few weeks for a preview of what future Akyrviron material might sound like.

February Update

Hoping everyone had a good first month of 2017.  First of all, I see sales come in occasionally, and I’d like to thank (again) those who support this project financially by buying the music.  It’s immensely appreciated.

I have started sketching some ideas for new music, and right now the direction summed up in one word would be “contrast.”  Slightly heavier/darker segments contrasted with the harmonious and positive sound.  This project won’t turn into death metal or even “heavy” metal though, just to be clear :).  Only enough to make the light stand out against the darkness.

I’m also experimenting with remixing a couple of songs from Dreamscape Requiem into the same arrangement/style as Harmony’s Bastion, which in my opinion sounds better than the original mix but also makes the songs less distinct.  Those versions will probably be posted at some point.

Thanks for reading.  I’m going to try to update this page and the website more but I also don’t want to post pointless updates/spam.