1. Endless Horizon (2:47)
2. Infinity’s Shores (8:25)
3. Skies of Destiny (7:00)
4. Immortal Sun (7:25)
5. Azure Kingdom (6:13)
6. Diamond Waves (7:26)
7. Realm Beyond* (7:58)
8. Solace Everlasting (5:30)

After more than a year in production, the third Akyrviron album is finally ready for release.

Dreamscape Requiem represents a natural evolution and refinement of the music, being neither radically different nor completely stagnant. It is likely even more to the “positive/uplifting” end of the spectrum than previous material. The melodies are more varied, the arrangement of instruments is more refined, and the song structure is more dynamic and less repetitive, thus ultimately fitting the instrumental style of the music to a greater degree. Symphonic-only tracks are absent completely this time around as part of the “distillation” process, with all songs instead being more consistent in their style – done purposely to create a more coherent album.

All of the atmospheric, layered synthesizers make a return, with thicker and wider soundscapes made possible by improved mixing/engineering techniques. Akyrviron has never really been about guitar riffs, but the synths in this album are perhaps an even greater focus this time around. There are also piano solos on almost every track.

With that, I won’t provide any more description, as describing any music (especially your own) with words alone is very difficult and futile in some ways. While it may be a cliched statement, one simply has to hear the album and decide for themselves whether it is worthy of their time or not.

Dreamscape Requiem will be released sometime in November 2014, with the exact date coming soon.

The beautiful artwork was made by the very talented J.K.Roots Art, while the lettering was done by Wappenschmied.

*This song is a reworked version of the World Beyond single. This new version has some differing melodies and a few significant arrangement changes in order to fit better with the rest of the album. The single version, being fairly unique in its style and arrangement, will still be available for download, of course.

(for the speed maniacs, the fastest songs on the album are tracks 2, 5, and 7. 🙂 )