– Tracklist –

1 – Wanderer’s Path
2 – Ark of Light
3 – Ocean of Vigor
4 – Starseeker

After many months in production, the new extended play is finally ready.

As stated in the previous post, this project took far longer than expected due to some creative and technical problems, but the result represents where this project is at as of the current year.

The word “equanimity” means balance and stability of mind, often in the face of trying circumstances or events. It is a virtue recognized and valued in many spiritual traditions, and something that I work to cultivate in my own life. Music, for me, is one of the outlets that serve to nurture this state of being.

It may seem paradoxical to name a symphonic power metal album after this. Understandably so, as the genre is not known for subtlety or reservation. Music that is meant to soothe the mind and soul is often tranquil, with little emphasis on elements that serve to distract or overtly occupy the listener’s attention.

But the question is, why can’t metal be used towards the same end goal of spiritual grounding and balance? That has been partially the objective of at least some of the songs I’ve written, though it was a more significant goal for the first two songs on this release, which ultimately served as the inspiration for the title. The last two pieces, “Ocean of Vigor” and “Starseeker” are more typical of what one might expect from this project, although they maintain the vibe of the album and contain elements that haven’t been used before on previous work.

The incredible artwork was once again created by Belén Morante Velasco (https://www.monitoillustration.com/), the artist behind the previous album, Harmony’s Bastion, with the lettering done beautifully by Dominik Schäfer (https://www.facebook.com/wappenschmied/). It captures the emotions of the album and matches the vision for the music very accurately.

The EP will be released towards the end of the month or the beginning of January 2019 if things proceed smoothly.