– Tracklist –

1 – Sentinel of Stars
2 – Stellar Domain
3 – Radiant Realms
4 – Tides of Reality

The next chapter for Akyrviron is here. Verity is a word synonymous with “truth”, and represents the truthseeking that we owe to ourselves to sincerely pursue, especially during these trying times. Hence, the music fully embraces the mystical atmosphere that has been slowly building on each release until now. The songs are generally slower, relative to the power metal past of this project, and all feature a soundscape of synthesizers, orchestral textures, and layers of heavy guitar throughout, enhancing and progressing the style from last year’s EP, Equanimity.

The album artwork was once again designed by Belen Morante, capturing the themes represented in the music with utmost clarity.

Verity will be released next week on April 8th on Bandcamp exclusively (barring any unforeseen delays), with it arriving on other retailers later in the month.