Verity – Points of Clarification

A couple points of clarification:

  • Physical printing of Verity or any other album is unlikely any time soon. It essentially comes down to financial reasons. Having physical CDs made to the desired specifications is expensive. However, I would still like for this to happen at some point given the right circumstances.

  • I’ve decided that there will be no orchestral/synth-only version of Verity as I suggested there could possibly be prior to release, the main reason being that the songs do not hold up well when half of the instrumental layers are stripped out, and would require serious alterations in order to work as alternate versions. At some point, the song integrity suffers as a result. I also want to keep Akyrviron a hybrid of metal and atmospheric/symphonic music, rather than splitting the focus.

Thanks to everyone who has listened to Verity so far! If you wish to support this project, Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share today, meaning 100% of sales will go to Akyrviron if you decide to purchase anything.