CD Baby – FLAC Format Removed

CD Baby no longer offers FLAC files (lossless/CD master quality) for purchase or download. As such, the only option that remains to obtain lossless versions of the music (to my knowledge) is Bandcamp.
This is bewildering and very disappointing to me as part of my decision in using their service was dependent on the fact that they offered lossless files, which is something that other large corporate distributors do not (Amazon, Google, iTunes, etc.).
Many argue that you can’t hear the difference between a FLAC/CD and a high quality MP3. That’s certainly true in many cases, but that misses the point. When someone purchases music, they should be getting the best possible version of it.  Physical CDs shouldn’t be the only way to legally obtain music in its intended format.

Net Neutrality

The recent end of net neutrality in the United States could lead to a lot of unnecessary hardships for independent artists everywhere, as this article from Rolling Stone (which was written before the vote occurred) illustrates.  I don’t know what the future will hold for projects like Akyrviron.  I can only hope that the situation won’t become as dire as predicted.