Journeys From A New Era - Tenth Anniversary Retrospective

September 7, 2021

Ten years ago, Journeys From A New Era was released to the world.

To this day, it remains possibly the most varied and intriguing release in the entire discography. At the time, I did not know exactly which direction I wanted to pursue, which inevitably lead to a mix of styles and genres that created the foundation for everything subsequent in the years following.

I have fond memories of creating the album. Knowing very little about audio or recording in general at the time meant slowly putting together every track piece by piece using unorthodox and time consuming methods.

For whatever reason, I tuned my guitar to E-flat tuning for these recordings, one step below standard tuning. This would be the lowest tuning on any Akyrviron release until the release of Equanimity in 2018, for which I set up my instruments for drop C tuning. All instruments outside of the guitars were recorded with a Korg M50, an instrument I still use today to control and play much more modern virtual orchestras and digital computer-based synthesizers.

Much has changed since those days, but many aspects have also remained consistent.

Stylistically, the foundational soundscape of heavy electric guitars layered over synth strings has remained nearly unchanged. The focus on atmosphere and soundscape has also remained a focal point. Various things have been added to the music since then; virtual orchestras, real electric bass recordings, additional synth textures, greater contrasts, more varied arrangements.

However, I personally wouldn't consider Akyrviron to be within the power metal genre anymore. Journeys From A New Era contains many fast-paced songs that would sound completely out of place on the likes of Verity or alongside the recent singles. The increased tempo is something I actually hope to return to, one day - but perhaps published under a different moniker.

I thank not only those who have been following this project since its inception, but anyone who has taken the time to listen to any of the works I've released. This project will always be a part of me regardless of what other musical outlets or activities in life I pursue, and thus it will grow with me and reflect those changes, however insignificant or grand they may be.

Ultimately, I'm happy with where the project is at, musically. I probably could not recreate the style of Journeys From A New Era even if I wanted to at this point in life. True to the album title - of which I came up with without putting much thought into, at the time - it was the beginning of an enormous musical journey that is still unfolding as time marches on, and I hope I can share that journey for many years to come.

(Revised September 7th, 2021)

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