Formed in 2010, Akyrviron is an instrumental atmospheric symphonic metal project with a focus on transcendent, mystical soundscapes.

Akyrviron was founded upon strong power metal influences, beginning with the release of the debut record Journeys From A New Era in 2011. This style continued mostly unaltered until Harmony's Bastion in 2016.

Upon the release of Equanimity in 2018, the music shifted to a slower and more atmospheric vibe. In 2020, this newfound direction was built upon with the release of Verity, redefining the soundscape with the addition of modern virtual orchestras and synthesizers.

The musical output of Akyrviron is always, first and foremost, guided by pure intuition of the creative process. It has served, and will continue to serve, as a spiritual anchor and source of grounding for its author.

All music for Akyrviron is self-produced in a home studio and released independently in digital formats.

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